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Post  demonkiller1596 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:35 pm

since the server has been down for some time now and the forums page will be closing down at the end of the month i just wanted to say a last good bye to all of you who i knew on the server we had a good many times together. i knew many of you very well and i considered many of you to be good friends i would love to stay in touch so feel free to email me at demonkiller1596@gmail.com if i never hear from any of you again its ok but i just felt like it needed to be said i will always miss the fun we were able to have on the server and the fun i was able to have with many of you i hope we have all found another heaven in the abyss and i hope we are all doing well and i hope we all have made new friends feel free to email me at any time for anything ill be happy to help

and tom i would like to thank you personally for giving us the server for as long as we had it im still sad to have it gone but the times we had on it were good and worth all the stress maybe until the very end but thank you for keeping it up as long as you did and thank you for setting up the forums page as well so we could keep in touch and the same thing goes for you if you ever need anything just email me id be happy to be able to repay some of what you did for us

email me at demonkiller1596@gmail.com

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