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Bring the server back up Empty Bring the server back up

Post  superminecraft01 on Mon May 14, 2012 12:29 am

Dear tombombadilly,
I suggest that you bring the tombaland server back up. I feel like the server was at the point when it was about to become very famous. We all put in a lot of work into banning griefers making cool things and voting for the server. We were at a point where Tombaland would have had donator ranks and vip ranks and we were so close to the point where we would be able to sustain the server and maybe you would be able to make some money of of the server.
Please put the server back up i can see how tombaland could become one of those epic servers with donators and many people supporting it. Please put the server back up we will definitelly succed and be one of the best minecraft servers of all time!!!



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