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HeadStaff Application (superminecraft01) Empty HeadStaff Application (superminecraft01)

Post  superminecraft01 on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:06 am

[username] superminecraft01
[time as moderator] [3 months]
[previous bans] [none]
[approximate age] [14]

Tom i would like to be a [HeadStaff] because I would like to help people out in normal survival. Sometimes i am not able to fly up to the grief and i have to spend some more time on a persons house while other people ask for my help. I will be responsible this will help my rate of helping people. I would like to be able to teleport to people who i suppose are griefing or killing and not be killed by them (i worry about that every time). This would be a great support to the people who really want my help.
thank you please consider


[other notes]
I have been a moderator on a server me and my friend made for 4 months. The server was not up all those 4 months but i was mod a lot on it. I am a moderator on chillon12's server (wildman56's friend). I am descent pvper so i can win in a fight just in case. I am a good builder. Tom you have seen some of my pixel art an houses. Made the most pixel art in the 1.2.3 map (the one before the one we have right now). I am on forums daily i give all of my suggestions and reply to every post i see about ban apeals and complaints from other people and give my advice.
thanks for reading


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HeadStaff Application (superminecraft01) Empty Re: HeadStaff Application (superminecraft01)

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:46 am

Hello, your application has been processed and saved in the database.
I am moving this post to locked. You will be notified if you are selected.

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