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Main Server Rules | What rules apply to everyone? Empty Main Server Rules | What rules apply to everyone?

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The Tombaland Server Rules
These rules apply to every player that comes online.

1. Griefing
Griefing is the act of removing another player's blocks or (vice-versa) placing blocks on another player's property
without their consent. At Tombaland, we have numerous tools which allow us to see who placed each and every block,
as well as rolling back grief.

2. Swearing
Any word that you place in the chat bar (and send to the server) that is identified as a swear word by a moderator
or HeadStaff can render you liable to either a global, or local ban. *

3. Spamming and Advertising
Spamming is the repeat of a certain word or phrase, often of an insulting, racist or rude nature into the Tombaland chat which floods it.
Advertising includes (but is not limited to) the saying of another servers IP in the Tombaland chat or on a sign.

4. Killing and Stealing
Killing other players is only allowed if ALL the players involved in a fight AGREE. They cannot in this case complain to a moderator
about the loss of ANY of their items. Stealing is not allowed at any time. If you are caught stealing you face an instant and permanent
global ban. There are no exceptions.

5. Modifications to your Minecraft client
ANY minecraft modification to your minecraft client which enhances the facility of gathering of materials or playing the game is strictly
NOT ALLOWED**. You will be banned immediately if you are caught. Tombaland has a number of protection systems against this. If you are
unsure whether you are allowed to use a certain modification or not do not hesitate to ask an online HeadStaff or Moderator.

*Check the Banning Circumstances informational topic in the Rules section for more information on global and local bans.
**This includes but is not limited to x-ray, flymod, creature spawn area limiter, slime zone finder.

From the moment you come online, you agree to these rules and understand that if you break
ANY of these rules you are voluntarily wanting to be banned and hereby accept ANY mcbans global
or local ban which will be issued as well as fine or jail term.

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