List of Fixes, Modifications and Removals.

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List of Fixes, Modifications and Removals. Empty List of Fixes, Modifications and Removals.

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:38 am

Every time a feature is fixed, added, removed or modified you will be notified here on this list:

Major Fixes or Adding of features are in bold.

20/04/2012: Added automatic locking for chests.
20/04/2012: Fixed Inventory Problems.
19/04/2012: Added Sky-Block World.
19/04/2012: Commenced Spawn Clean-Up.
18/04/2012: Added Old Tombaland Map as a new world.
16/04/2012: Spleef Arena Fixed (Water Drained).
16/04/2012: All sign shops fixed.
13/04/2012: Added /nick command for rank architect.
12/04/2012: Added the ChairCraft plugin.
12/04/2012: Added the HatMe plugin.
10/04/2012: MOTD typo fixed.

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