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Post  mikeykinch on Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:55 pm

(USERNAME) mikeykinch
(TIME ON TOMBALAND) 6-7 months i think
(PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE) Headstaff of hudcraft for 1 year, co owner of dragoncraft but it got taken down and craftland head mod for 1 year but it gottaken sown also and many more which i forget the names of the servers i skyped my old friend asking if he remembers all of them
(PREVIOUS BANS) tombacraft: accused of greifing by mod but got repealed
(AGE) 13
(CURRENT DATE) August 29, 2013

I want to be a tombaland mod because i want to help with the new server and help everyone out, i was devasted when it was closed and i just want to help with the bew server and make it the greatest server ever!! I never want it to close ever again!!!

I am willing to help with the newcomers or anyone who needs it
I am a pretty good builder so i can help with spawn buildings

I hope you guys consider me wombat and tom
Miss you guys and cant wait for the new Tombacraft!!


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